New Design, New Publishing Status - September 02, 2010

As many of you have noticed, we launched a redesign of the Vae backstage on Sunday.  Thanks for all the compliments.  We're really excited to get this out the door.  We are continuing to fix a few bugs that remain, and hope to have it all cleared up by the end of the week.  Thanks to everyone who reported bugs.

We also want to mention another cool feature that recently rolled out -- three-level publishing status.  It used to be that you could toggle content between 2 states:  Published (green) and Not Published (red).  Well, we've added an in-between state:  Published (Staging only), represented by a yellow icon.

When content is in this state, it will be visible on http://<;you>, but not on your live domains.  It's a great way to test new content on your site without taking it fully live.