Price Drop! - August 31, 2010

Hey everyone --

It is with great excitement that I can share some recent news.  We have just reworked the Vae hosting plans to be much more affordable and competitive against other hosting providers.

Check them out now at

Here's a summary of the changes we made:

  • There is now an unlimited transaction option for eCommerce within each plan level.  So now, you don't have to worry if your customers will be successful -- we will not charge them extra for their success.  Our cheapest unlimited transaction plan starts at $59.95!
  • The flexibility granted by this option also allowed us to reduce the number of plans we offer.  Rather than offering 6 plans, we now only offer 3 full-featured plans, plus the Solo plan.  Furthermore, now more than ever, we expect 95% of our customers to use the Medium plan (with or without the unlimited transaction option).
  • We have raised the amount of included data transfer (bandwidth) from 10GB on the Medium plan to 100GB.  This is a full 10x increase!  This change alone will prevent most customers who currently pay overage charges from paying them in the future.  The Large and X-Large plans include 250GB and 1TB, respectively.

The new plans are available now.

We converted all existing customers plans to the equivalent new plan at the same price point.  For the overwhelming majority of our customers (98%), this will either result in an overall decrease in their spending or their spending will stay the same.  In the few cases of customers whose costs are higher under the new packages (mainly customers from early 2008), we will grandfather them in under their existing plans.

Thanks again for trusting Vae and I hope that these changes help you launch even more websites in the coming months.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.