Scheduling A Blog Post - May 26, 2009

Sometimes is it necessary to publish a blog post at a later date, instead of instantly. While it has always been possible to do this manually, Vae recently added the scheduling feature, which makes it possible to enable/disable entries in a Collection at a specified time and date. Say for example you are debuting a new product on the Fourth of July, and you'd like to inform your customers of this immediately after it becomes available for purchasing. Vae lets you schedule a blog post that is made visible immediately on July 4th. Since this functionality is available for any Collection entry, you could also schedule the availability of the product itself.

Here's a tutorial on how to schedule an example blog post for Action Verb Records, our fictional record store.

Here we're adding a new post:

Note that we've opted to disable the entry. We did this by clicking the green dot at the top of the form, changing it to red. After saving this entry, we'll schedule it:

Finally, we can now see that our post is disabled but is schedule, as indicated by the clock icon:

As stated before, scheduling is not limited to blog entries. Because Vae makes no assumptions about what you're doing with your content, a Collection of Blog entries has the same available options as a Collection of Albums, Employees, Planes, Trains, or Automobiles.