passing the barcode field via an input element
  • Is there a way to pass a barcode value of an item to the cart via an input tag instead of hardcoding it into a barcode attribute of v:store:add_to_cart? So instead of doing this:
    <v:store:add_to_cart barcode="123456" ></v:store:add_to_cart>
    I could do something like this:
    <v:store:add_to_cart barcode_field="barcode_input_element" >
    <input name="barcode_input_element" type="hidden" value="123456" />

    The problem that I am having is that I do not know what the barcode will be upon initial page load; It depends on what size option is chosen on the item page.

    I will only know the barcode value right before the user has clicked 'add to cart'

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  • Hey, is there any progress on this? Thanks!

  • How about employ a barcode generator? I googled one barcode tool. Here it is:

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