Using "__v:to" in a select element to over ride the formmail
  • Hey Guys

    So Im trying to use "__v:to" to override v:formmail so it will send the message to the email address selected in the select box but it doesn't seem to want to work. As you can see below, I've named the select box "__v:to" and made the two overriding email addresses options. Any thoughts as to why this might not be working?


    <v:formmail to="[email protected]" redirect="/">
    <v:select name="__v:to" options="[email protected], [email protected]" class="subject" />
    Your Name: <v:text_field name="Name" />
    Your Comments: <v:text_area name="Comments" />
    <input type="submit" />

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  • The to="" in the main v:formmail tag needs to be set to the common part of the allowed emails. So set it as to="" in this case.

  • Much better, thanks!

  • Reviving this old thread here... What if there's no "common" part of the emails — i.e. one & one

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