Items import twice
  • Has anyone had this issue:

    I am importing a spreadsheet of around 400 items. Whenever I import the spreadsheet, it is adding each row twice.

    I am not hitting the 'import' button twice, I am only hitting it once.

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  • This problem seems to only occur when you are importing a .csv file. .xls files don't have this issue.

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    I've heard reports of this, but haven't been able to reproduce. Send the file you're trying to import to [email protected] and maybe we'll be able to find something specific with the file.

  • We have been able to reproduce this and are looking into it.

  • We are in the process of redoing our import to use a different process and we hope that this will be fixed in the process. I'll update this spot with more when it's available.

  • I never posted back to update this, but yes, this has been solved!


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