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  • Trying to use the Vae Local Development Environment but I want to use the __vae.yml so I don't have to type everything out but I'm not using SVN and there is not documentation or example of how the __vae.yml is formated if you just create it your self.


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  • Currently, the only variable that can be stored there is the site name itself. You can't store a username or password there.

    The file looks like this:

    site: mysitehere

  • But I won't have to use the --root parameter anymore right? That's the really annoying one to type in.

    Also as a side note I found a bug.
    If you do not have a index file in the root of the FTP on example.vaesite.com the local preview server can't connect and will error out.

    Took me a while to figure it out, I got to the point where I was debugging HTTP responses in the ruby code of the preview server.

    I ended up making another site to see what the defaults where and if I could connect – I could – so I copied over the default ftp files from the temporary site to the broken one and it worked. Turns out it was missing the index.html file.

  • Good to know. Actually if you don't have an index.html file, ALL KINDS of stuff on Vae will break, so definitely don't get rid of that. This is mentioned in the docs somewhere, but probably very easy to miss.

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