Work for us: Vae Platform Evangelist job posting - December 14, 2008

Action Verb, LLC is a small, profitable, fast-growing NYC-based startup (founded by a Harvard '08 graduate) that is revolutionizing the way web design firms operate.

Our first product, Vae, is a hosted content management platform that totally separates the internal content management interface from the public-facing website. Designers build a custom backend interface for each site using our graphical tools by selecting what types of data structures are needed for each section of the site. (For example, a Record Label site might have a collection of Artists, each of which has Photos, Videos, Tour Dates, Blog Posts, MP3s and Links.) Their clients can then log in to Vae and add/edit content within the framework created by the designer. This content is made available via a REST API, PHP API, and through VaeML, our proprietary content presentation language. Vae also integrates eCommerce, targeted E-Mail Marketing, hosting, and more. See for a bigger picture.

Vae is powerful enough that it enables small design teams (even those without programmers) to compete with big design firms for big projects. But it's also quite addictive -- most design firms that use Vae now use it exclusively, even for small sites. Vae is in an invitation-only beta stage, but is already used in production on dozens of sites. The closest competing products are Squarespace and Good Barry, but we think we beat both of them in terms of flexibility.

We're looking for someone to join our team as a full-time Evangelist for the Vae platform. You will make demos, give presentations, and maintain relationships with our designer clients and potential clients. You will promote and defend Vae on forums, blogs, at conferences, and through guerilla marketing. You will ensure that our documentation is complete and helpful. You will write meaningful tutorials that help new designers bootstrap. You will devise and execute plans to increase the number of designers and websites using Vae. Some of these will be very Macguyver.

You will devote all your energy to evangelism and business development -- you will not be expected to contribute to engineering on Vae or any of our other products. To get you up to speed, we will place you with one of our current designer partners and you will work with them to implement Vae on two or three websites.

We think this is a great opportunity for a business-minded hacker that refuses to take a code monkey job or web designer that is looking to use his or her skills in a different way.

Anyone we hire absolutely must have:

- Either a 4 year degree from a leading university or compelling professional skills and experience (we don't so much if you went to school, we do care that you're smart, talented and motivated)
- a good understanding of XHTML, CSS and familiarity with Javascript and server-side technologies
- background working on web design / applications either technically or at a high level on the business side
- excellent writing skills (you will be writing documentation, examples, and demos)
- excellent people/networking skills (you will be representing Vae in person at conferences and interfacing with two types of clients regularly)
- strong motivation and ability to make decisions on your own

Ideal candidates will have:

- a complete working knowledge of XHTML, CSS, Javascript (preferrably jQuery)
- experience doing paid web design projects, either individually or as part of an agency
- experience with at least one server-side technology, preferrably PHP or Ruby (our software is mostly written in Ruby, but most web designers use PHP, so PHP demos, APIs, and documentation is critical)
- experience on an open source project

We'd be very reluctant to hire anyone that doesn't use a Mac though if you have a good story about why you use something open source we'd be willing to listen.

We're in NYC, but telecommuting can be an option as long as you're willing to travel to NYC occasionally. We envision this as a full-time position, but if you're finishing school, let's talk anyway. Start immediately, or as soon as you can. Compensation is cash and/or equity.

This position offers a reasonable base pay, significant opportunities for profit sharing short term and possibly equity long term. We are looking for someone excited by the fact that you'll be helping build a small company (you would be the third full time employee) and will not be at the bottom of a hierarchy.

To apply, please send your:

* resume
* cover letter - don't stress about making it formal, just tell us why you're awesome
* design portfolio (optional)

to [email protected].