Better if/elseif/else support update - June 30, 2010

A few days ago, we posted about VaeML's better if/elseif/else support.  I mentioned that this was available to all existing sites.  What I forgot to say is that mixing and matching the old-style (<v:else> tag inside the tag that it applies to) and new-style (<v:else> tag after the tag it applies to) on the same site can cause ambiguity when there are nested tags.  We've had some designers get confused because I mistakenly gave the impression that mixing the styles on the same site would work.  This is not the case.

Here's how we're going to handle this:  for new sites, the new style will be expected by default.  For existing sites, the old style will be expected by default.

For existing sites wishing to use the new style, you will need to explicitly disable the old style by going to the Site tab > Optimization tab and unchecking the checkbox for "Allow <v:else> inside the tag they apply to".  For new sites wishing to use the old style, go in and check that checkbox.