3 Newsletter Targeting Tips - May 27, 2009

Sending effective newsletters is a tricky business. Not only is the content of your newsletters important, but so is the destination. To make sure your clients are reading what you send them, make sure you're not sending them too many emails, or emails that are irrelevant. To help with the latter challenge, Vae provides ways for you to send your newsletters to specific groups. Here's three ideas.

Target By Location
Is your band touring through England? Alert the masses by shooting out an email to all your English customers. Under Vae’s Newsletter tab, create a new campaign and select the country or state you’d like to target:

Target By Order History
Another effective marketing strategy is to zero-in on a certain demographic of customer based on their order history. For example, if your online store were debuting a pricey new gadget, you might not want to bother your customers who haven’t spent much money in the past. Instead, you could tell Vae to email customers who have spent a certain about in a specified span of time:

Target By Hand-Picking
Vae allows you to make lists of customers in any manor you see fit. Maybe you have a list of VIP customers who you’d like to email a sneak peak of an upcoming product release. Just create a list under Vae’s Newsletter tab, then choose that list when creating a new campaign.