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  • Is this structure working at the moment? It seems to be disabled. When I add it to a superstructure the interface does not look like how it was in the presentation.

    Is this structure going to be ready soon or should I be pursuing other options for color/size combos for a store?

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  • Vote Up0Vote Down Scott September 2010

    I didn't see the presentation so I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for, but the options_select feature is currently working for me. That's what I use often use to display options like color and size for a store item.

    So I would have something like this:
    Store > Name, Price, Description, [Options] *Where [Options] is a sub-collection of Store.

    Options will look like:
    Options > Color, Size, Inventory*Each field within Options is a Text Field.

    Then in your code, you should be able to use the options_select tag (http://docs.vaeplatform.com/v_option_select) to display the various item options.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down KevinKevin September 2010

    This is live and working -- if you're having issues, send us the specific URL of the page in the backstage to [email protected] and we can look at it.

  • Is the Options data type only to be used for an options_select tag?

    I would like to use it to render a table, and I am wondering if that is possible!

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