Using domain name to pull/filter content from a specific entry in a root-level collection
  • I have three domains which I want to "connect" to a specific entry in a root-level collection. What would be the best practise to do so whilst still keeping the local and staging environment working?

    Perhaps there is a way of setting some kind of session that will set the "domain-variable"?

    <v:collection path="/rootlevel[url='']">

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  • You can use host() to fill in the current domain.

  • host() seems to only return the staging domain (even in production), and no subdomains or even the main top level domain.

  • Realised what was going on, tried to access host through:
    <v:text path='host()' /> with single quotes rather than double.
    <v:text path="host()" /> work but leaves a single whitespace character at the end of the string.

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