2 different templates
  • Is it possible to create 2 template files for the same structure?

    What I'm needing to do is to display 2 different page designs.
    One with logo & contact info and one without.

    Any ideas?

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  • Sure, you can create as many template files as you need.

    If you need to link to different page templates, you can specify the href attribute in your v:a tag. So you could have something like this:

    <v:a href="page-with-logo.html">Link to page with logo</v:a>
    <v:a href="page-without-logo.html">Link to page without logo</v:a>

  • And if you're using Permalinks, Vae will automatically make those URLs look "pretty".

    For example, if your permalink was to a template called "basic" and, you linked using <v:a>, you might get a URL of http://yoursite.com/properties/123-main-street.

    Then, let's say you wanted to render the same property using a template called "full". You could do <v:a href="full">, you might get a URL of http://yoursite.com/properties/123-main-street/full.

  • Awesome! Thanks guys. This works perfectly.

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