Permalink entry-title
  • The default permalink is set to entry-title.

    For the page I'm using the permalink as
    streetaddress city state zip
    permalink makes the page display like this:


    Other than renaming the permalink in the content section is their a setting or a way to make the page name display like this?


    Simply put the permalink is creating two dashes between names and I only want one.

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  • I think the double dashes is the default way that Vae creates permalinks when you are chaining multiple entry-titles together.

    You could place the full address in a single text field, and use this field as the entry title. This would just put a single dash where there are spaces.

    For example, put "123 Main St Austin TX 12345" in a text field for each property and use this to generate the permalinks.

  • Yep.

  • Okay, was wanting to avoid duplicate entries for the address, but I will try and work it out. Thanks guys.

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