Sending custom Emails
  • I would like to be able to use a custom HTML email template to send email. I know I could use mail(), but the message gets incredibly convoluted with quotes and php loops, objects etc.

    Is there any way I could call something like what v:store:checkout does with the email_confirmation attribute?

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  • Yep, vae_template_mail().

    Here's how you use it:

    vae_template_mail($from, $to, $subject, $template, $text_yield = null, $html_yield = null);

    $template is an absolute path to the template, "/emails/template", for example. Make sure to make /emails/template.html and /emails/template.txt.html (plain text version).

    $text_yield is what will be put into the text template when you cann <v:yield />. Ditto for $html_yield, but with the HTML template.

    Hope that helps.

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