Using CNAME Records for Domain
  • Assuming you ultimately want both the www and non-www version of a site to work, and you cannot point the nameservers to Vae, what is the best way to handle the DNS changes?

    The problem with a CNAME is that you usually cannot point the non-www version of a domain via a CNAME record, because it seems like it has to run as a A record on most DNS registrars.

    Could we do a reverse IP address look-up on the sub domain and update the A-record with the vae-related IP address?... or could this IP address change?

    Any suggestions/ideas? Thanks.


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  • Our official position is that these IP addresses can change at any time, so please use the CNAME. It is possible that they will change for some sites and not others.

    Our typical recommendation is to use basic web forwarding to forward the non-www domain to the www domain, which has the CNAME set. So basically, keep the non-www domain pointed at some other host and just set up a 301 redirect to the www.

  • Awesome... Thanks KB.

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