filter_input, can it search association fields?
  • We have an eCommerce store with a search bar. There is a single-association field in that Product structure that give each product a brand name. We are having the problem where the Brand names are not searchable because they are single-association fields.

    Is there are way to extend the searching capabilities to single-association fields?

    If this is not possible, what alternatives do we have out there to create a working search form?

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  • I'm working with Michael on this project. As a close fix, we rolled out a "keywords" field in the CMS, so the client can manually enter associated fields like brand name (or any other keyword for that matter).

    Still, a method to search associated fields would be helpful.

  • Hey guys,

    That's probably the best you'll be able to do without dropping into PHP to do some custom searching.

    Sounds like a pretty good fix to me though.

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