escaping characters in predicate expressions
  • i am trying to use single quotes inside a predicate expression because for some items, size = 5'9"

    however, when I use a char entity or when I escape it with a slash, I get zero results.

    <v:collection path="products[options/size='5'10']">

    results in an error

    <v:collection path="products[options/size='5\'10']">

    <v:collection path="products[options/size='5'10']">

    Gives me zero results

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  • This one is a bit tricky because there's already a quote being used in the HTML. What does work is this:

    <v:set_default name="dummy" value="5'10" />
    <v:collection path="products[options/size=$dummy]">

    A bit verbose, but hey, it does work!

  • Sweet! Thanks

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