Filtering data by options structure
  • For an e-commerce site, I would like to filter products by what their options are. For example, I want to filter only items that have the color option 'Blue'. Would I use predicate expressions or the filter="" attribute?

    <v:collection path="products[options/color = blue]">


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  • You're close. You want:

    <v:collection path="products[options/color='blue']">

    Quotes around the literal string 'blue'.

  • Yes, that works great! Now, what if I wanted to filter by a 'size' option as well? Would I use the && operator?

    <v:collection path="products[options/color='Grey' && options/size='XL']">

  • I figured it out, you don't use '&&' you use 'and':

    <v:collection path="products[options/color='Grey' and options/size='XL']">

  • Good stuff Mike. This should be helpful to a lot of us (at least to me). Thanks.

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