Hide Permalink Field From Client
  • And also I would like to be able to disallow a client from altering a custom permalink field in the content tab.


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  • What's the reason for this?

  • I'm not sure if i am wording this correctly, but basically this is the issue. I've built this site http://kat.vaesite.com/ utilizing a lot of permalink structures, that are integral to it functioning. Basically it's one set of files, but out putting two sites.

    And the only way I could get really beautiful looking permalinks, was to do this strange thing using the custom permalinking structure within the Vae tab.

    my aim is rraayyssoohhnn

  • or like even the ability to just lock a user out from altering the [custom] permalink field would be great

    thank you so much!

  • I still don't understand. What would break if someone changed a permalink?

  • Yeah, isn't it dynamic so it would always be made on the fly? lol

  • When you build permalinks using the /[custom]/ feature, there is a possibility of the client altering an individual item's permalink and thus breaking functionality is what Ray is saying, I believe.

  • Yes, and my point is that if you're designing things properly, the client SHOULD be able to change these things WITHOUT breaking functionality.

    So I'm asking what assumptions you're making, so I can tell you how to not do that.

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