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  • Hi,

    I would like to be able hide any field, the same way I am currently able to hide a collection, from the backend user.


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  • Help me understand your use case here a little bit better and maybe I can help give you a better way to do it.

    The reason this would be strange is that if the user added a new entry, that new field would be blank.

  • Hi Kevin

    The reason I need to hide a specific text field, is that I am using the custom permalink structure. Basically I am traversing up to the parent after getting the ID, and coming back down, matching the sections via title, as well as outputting that title.


    I hope this makes sense but my aim is rraayyssoohhnn. I am at the office now.

  • Any ideas on this? It would help out a lot so the client can't potentially break something.

  • There should be ways to code this without having to worry that the client will break something. More importantly, though, you don't want the client to need YOU to come in and add in whatever goes in your hidden field every time they want to add in a new item.

    Can you ask your question in a way that helps me solve the original problem?

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