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  • Perhaps there is already a way to do this - otherwise this a feature request - but is it possible to display the Vae ID's for collection entries in the Content List View and on the Edit Page view?

    This would be helpful because sometimes we need to use the ID in our code. A simple reference field in the back-end could save time compared to exporting data or using v:debug to find the ID.

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  • You can see it in the URL. In the Edit Page view, it's the number in the URL. On the content list page, look at the URL that shows up when you hover over the Edit link for an entry. It's the number in the URL.

  • Why couldn't you reference the object's id from the code?

  • We can reference the ID from the code. I was just looking for a more straightforward way to figure out what the ID actually is... without having to export the data or use v_debug.

  • Did my answer satisfy you?

  • Yeah, works for me. Might be nice to put the ability to display the ID in a list column on a 'nice to have' list for later... but your method works for sure.

  • I agree with Scott, this would be a great feature to have. My particular situation calls for it in the fact that I'm displaying two templates depending on where the link is being posted.

    The only way I can have the client find the ID is to go outside Vae and view it on the html page.

    So for example the main permalink is

    and the second permalink is

    I understand you can also use

    But my issues deal with rules & regulations from local entity that will not allow the use of that link due to being able to backspace in the url and see the other template.

  • On the contrary, the Content tab is for clients who have no interest in the ID, it would make the backend appear less user friendly. I vote to not show the ID.

  • @ralphobell, your explanation is confusing and does not explain why you would need to hard code an ID lookup into the template code, could you please elaborate why having more than one template file requires you to use the Vae ID?? There may be a more robust solution.

  • @michael sorry for the confusion. The explanation is long. I'll send you a direct message to explain.

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