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  • We have a client who wants to sell gift cards. These cards will be sold both online and in their physical store.

    We will need to generate a number of random of 'gift card id #s' that will be printed on physical cards to be used for online checkout. This is similar to the coupon code, except needs to be randomly generated, exportable, decrement itself (if you have a $1000 card and spend $200, you still have $800 on the card), etc.

    Is this possible? If so, when can we tell our client to expect this feature? Or, do you have other solutions/work around with the current Vae setup?


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  • There is an option in the Coupon Codes called "Treat as Gift Voucher". This will make a coupon code work as you expect -- that is it will decrement its value upon use.

    You can just generate the codes yourself and then import them as a spreadsheet into the Coupon Codes tab. Just put the amount in the field for "Fixed $ Amount" and then enable "Treat as Gift Voucher"

  • This is great! Thank you.

    Now, unrelated to Vae is tying this all into the API provided by the Gift Card supplier so the physical card gets updated with online orders.

    Fun fun fun!!!

  • On the Vae side, you could do this in a store:checkout:success hook that checks to see if a gift card was used and if so calls the appropriate APIs.

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