Sections within Sections
  • Do you guys have any plans for implementing this?

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  • Hey Dmitry - I think a collection of sections would be the way to tackle this. Would this work for your req's?

  • Well, not quite, because the sections would have to be identical in structure right?

  • We do have eventual plans to accomplish something similar to this. What it's going to be is "tabs" within a section that generate a tabbed interface on the frontend.

    Any updates will be posted here.

  • Yeah, you're right Dmitry. If you used a collection of sections, then each entry in the top-level collection would have to have the same section structures. Could be a little clunky if each collection entry is unique in structure from the next.

    Good news is that it looks like this is on the roadmap.

  • Thanks Kevin! Keep us in the loop.

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