Tax class overriding
  • Hi,

    We are trying to add a no_tax tax_class for things like gift cards. Unfortunately, we have tax rules set up for NJ/NY that are automatically triggering if the shipment is to either of those states.

    Is there any easy way to have a particular tax class completely override any others that may apply?

    Basically, we still want NJ/NY orders to receive their tax class but ONLY IF the item doesn't also have a no_tax rule associated with it.

    Is this possible? FYI, we are using the PHP API to integrate add_to_cart for AJAX purposes.


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  • Seem to have worked it out by setting the same label to different tax classes within the store settings.

    So we define an item as either taxable or not, then vae handles the state/country logic based on the single label.

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