Problem uploading (largish) video file
  • Hey Guys,

    I've setup a new collection and added a field for a video file.

    I've been attempting to get the highest possible video quality settings for the file while also being highly compressed.

    We've essentially got a 1920x1920 h.264 video file with ~60% quality setting - we end up with a ~10-20 mb file that contains a 30s loop of a 'product'.

    The issue we're having is that vae doesn't seem to like the file when we attempt to upload it. At slightly lower compressions we were

    Here's the file: (if you're trying to download instead of view).

    We've found a workaround which is basically to upload to a 'file' type of field instead of a 'video'. However we were wanting to utilize some of your video resizing features down the line and we were hoping you could help us figure out this issue.


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