Not seeing cart_id from within v:store:cart:items
  • When iterating over cart contents, I would like to keep a reference to the item id within the cart so a user can remove/update the item via my PHP webservice. Only problem is I'm not able to extract the 'cart_id' attribute within that context (it isn't dumped to the markup).

    Am I doing something wrong? I've tried both %v:php and v= (using HAML below)

    return $context['cart_id'];


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  • Can you try $id in PHP or in VaeML? If that works, I'll update the docs. This may just be a docs error.

  • $id returns what appears to be the actual id of the product, whereas $cart_id is the key I'm using to iterate over the result from vae_store_cart_items(), so it's not on the same level as the item entity.

    I did a test where I remapped the cart_id into a helper array (in __vae.php) with each product id as the key, which is then looked up when generating the markup, a-la:

    // in __vae.php
    $cart_ids = array();
    function cartContents() {
    global $cart_ids;
    $items = vae_store_cart_items();
    foreach ($items as $cart_id => $item) {
    $cart_ids[(string)$item['id']] = $cart_id;
    return $items;

    // in markup
    .icon.close{"data-cart-id" => "<v? return $cart_ids[$context['id']];?>"}

    This is less than ideal for obvious obfuscation reasons. Also, is it possible have vae_store_remove_from_cart() return true OR false depending on what happens, instead of always true? Thanks a bunch,


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