vae_store_orders() product ids for items in orders
  • Using the sample code given in the documentation I was able to get a list of orders from the vae_store_orders() function.

    Each order has an 'items' array that lists each product that was purchased. (example pasted below)

    each item in this array has many id's within it:
    [id] => 137912
    [option_id] => 373227
    [row_id] => 373206
    [store_order_id] => 76448

    However none of these correspond with the id of the product that was purchased. also the option_id does not correspond to a proper option_id in the system (at least my current system).

    I'm trying to build a script to sync inventory between a POS system and the VAE backend database and I need to be able to pull up the vae product/options object to sync.

    [items] => Array
    [137912] => Array
    [backstage_notes] =>
    [barcode] =>
    [brand] =>
    [bundled_with] =>
    [cancelled] =>
    [category] =>
    [created_at] => 2011-01-13T11:45:05-05:00
    [deleted] =>
    [discount_reason] =>
    [id] => 137912
    [inventory_applied] => 1
    [inventory_field] => inventory
    [name] => Surf Slash
    [notes] =>
    [option_id] => 373227
    [options] => Navy/X-Large
    [original_price] => 30.0
    [position] => 2
    [price] => 30.0
    [price_original] =>
    [qty] => 1
    [qty_original] =>
    [row_id] => 373206
    [store_order_id] => 76448
    [tax] => 0.0
    [total] => 30.0
    [updated_at] => 2011-01-13T11:45:05-05:00

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  • Hey Sebbean,

    It's hard to understand what you mean that "none of these match."

    The option_id and the row_id are what you should be looking at. The option_id should be the Vae ID of the selected option of the item and the row_id should be the Vae ID of the item that was purchased.

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