running SCSS with Vae local preview server, version 0.5.0
  • Is there anything special I must do to get SCSS working locally? I was under the impression it would 'just work' just as HAML and SASS work, but since it does not, is it recommended I do the following?

    -use the 'sass watch' command and just link the generated css file?

    I have linked the file via
    %v:asset{:src => "/css/style.scss"}

    It does not work locally, but works fine when on staging.

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  • Hey Michael,

    I tried my hand at a patch here. Can you try replacing /usr/local/vae/vae_local/lib/vae_site_servlet.rb with the contents of this file and see if it fixes it:

    Let me know! (and if you can CC the support box and let me know if that fixes it)

    If it works, I'll push a new version.

  • Yes, this fixed the problem. Thank you! I also emailed support :)

  • Awesome. We rolled out a version 0.5.2 that has this fix included. Thanks for bearing with us.

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