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  • We have a project that requires all content to be displayed in 4 languages. I am wondering what anyone thinks the best way to go about this is on Vae. Some solutions that we came up with:
    - 4 input fields for every text input throughout the site that is then pulled based on a language cookie.
    - 4 separate cloned backends running off the same code (this would be good because the different interpreters could not interfere with each others' content, bad because each other content change has to be done 4 times. is this even possible?)

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps there is a magic Vae feature that already exists.. :p

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  • We did some thinking on this and here is our proposal:

    1. We'll create a new structure type called Translated. It will work like either a Text Field or a Text Area (you choose), but it will display an input for each language you've configured. So if you want to support English, Spanish, and French, we'll show inputs for all of those languages in the backstage.

    2. When you use <v:text path="field" /> or <v=field>, Vae will automatically render/return the current language.

    3. If you return that structure via PHP, Vae will return something like "en=English Value,es=Spanish Value,fr=French Value" and you can do you own splitting.

    4. Vae will support a special URL to recognize different languages versions of pages. Something like:

    Vae will automatically set the locale value into $_REQUEST['locale'] for use in PHP.

    5. Vae will automatically add the "locale/es" part to the URL if you link using the tag and are on a localized page. This can be disabled by doing locale="false" in the tag.

    How does that sound to you. Would that work for your needs?


  • Kevin -

    That sounds amazing. I think you covered it all here. How long do you think till you guys can roll this out?

  • We are putting this on hold for now -- let me know if this becomes a requirement again.

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