Making the JW Player logo dissappear
  • The JW Player has a logo that appears briefly in the lower left corner when a movie plays, and the client does not want that to show up.

    Is there something I can do to make it disappear? Maybe you could get a license?

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  • You do need a license. Get it here:

  • Yes, but shouldn't it be licensed already though? This Vae CMS should be an all-inclusive I wrong?

  • Here's the status of this:

    - JWPlayer does not sell site-wide licenses, so we can't purchase one.

    - Flowplayer (which we like better anyway) DOES sell site-wide licenses, however Flowplayer doesn't yet have HTML5 video support. They say that they plan to have HTML5 video support by end-of-year. Many of our customers depend on the HTML5 support provided by JWPlayer. Our plan is to evaluate their solution at that time and if appropriate, purchase a site-wide license.

    In the mean time, you will need to purchase a JWPlayer license (or a Flowplayer license) yourself if you'd like to use one of the players without branding.

  • Hey guys,

    It looks like FlowPlayer does now support iPad and iPhone (in an admittedly somewhat hacky way, but good enough for me), so we'll be switching this out to use FlowPlayer in the near future.

    Follow this thread for more.

  • Hey, is Flowplayer set up yet? Just curious. video iz kewl.

  • We're working on it.

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