Advanced user permissions
  • There are often cases where we need to setup advanced user permissions for sites.

    This can be anything from authors on blogs, to direct access to certain content.

    - a user that can only post to a single category on the blog.
    - a user that can only manage one artist within the artist collection.
    - a user that can only manage one wholesale account within the wholesale collection.

    Essentially, we need to be able to control user access based on content rather than a section or collection.

    We want to build all of our sites on Vae, but for some larger clients this is not a request but a requirement. In these cases we have to consider other platforms (eg. Expression Engine).

    Please let us know your thoughts.


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  • This is almost what we need, but not quite. For example, if our Blog is a section with a Posts collection and a Categories collection which is an association inside Posts, we can not restrict the user to a specific category. So the problem is really in restricting based on associations.

  • This feature already exists! Go to the Users tab, and add or create a user. Then click "Limited Access" under the area for "Content Tab Permission". Next to the collection you want to grant specific access to, click the link that says "Full Access" twice. It will change to say "Specific Entries" and you can then select which entries to grant permission to.

  • Do blog posts have only 1 category? If so, then just restructure it so that Categories is a root collection and Posts is a child of that. Then you could restrict as you'd like.

  • I don't see us building a permission system that goes that level of depth (permissions on specific fields, like an association). The amount of complexity, I think, would be too high.

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