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    1) When pages containing Vae code are rendered, is there a particular order of execution to how the code on the page will be processed? For example, I have a page that contains PHP code at the beginning, but the Vae code in the middle of page seems to complete first before the PHP code is executed.

    2) With the _vae.php file are we able to insert any code that we need to have preemptively executed before the actually page is executed?

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  • Here's the answer:

    Regarding #1 -- yes, there is an order. ALL PHP code executes first, then all VaeML code executes. So, you can have PHP code that generates VaeML code and that will work (though we discourage it, because it defeats many of our caching efforts to speed up your pages).

    Your understanding of it seems backwards, so if you'd like to send us a specific test page that reproduces your issue, we might be able to help explain it.

    Regarding #2 -- correct, but the filename should be __vae.php (2 underscores). It will execute on any page.

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