Video structure not working
  • I am trying to use the Video structure for the first time. I have uploaded 3 videos that were 1280x720 in H.264 format. The thumbnails for the videos are appearing in the backend so I know that they are there somewhere, but I cannot get the videos to load when I go to their permalink page.


    should work, right?

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  • Hey Michael - Yes, that looks like the correct shortcut to display your video. Can you get the video to play on a static HTML page using that shortcut (i.e. not a page that is 'in the context' of a Vae structure)?

  • OK so I took out the 'high_quality' part, and now just have


    And now the page gives me this:

    I thought there was a player that gets used when I use that code? Or do we need to provide our own player?

  • Just noticed something interesting. Out of curiosity I navigated to and got an error message that the site doesn't exist and is hosted elsewhere. You'll also notice the URL you posted above says the file is 'not found on this server'. Obviously it looks like you created a Vae site, but site seems to be MIA. What is the name of the site and when did you create it? I'll double check a few things.

  • I think he just used "foobar" to avoid giving the name of the site here. Which is fine. :)

  • Ha, damn... fooled me.

  • <v=video> by itself will not give you a player. It will give you just the URL to the rendered video. If you need a player, then here's what we recommend:

  • Use the <v:video> tag!

    <v:video path="video" />

  • ahh, that did the trick, thank you guys.

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