Auto Check Show value in list view
  • Could we have this check by default in the Site tab? Most of the time, you will want it to show.

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  • I highly disagree with you on that. Sometimes we build collections with 40+ structures, and we try to only show the most important stuff. So, no that won't be becoming the default. Sorry!

  • Makes sense, I do agree that that could get annoying having to UN-check , just as much as it would be to check.

  • If you used the label element correctly these checkboxes would be much easier to check, please update the cms frontend code soon!

  • I would love to do that, but unfortunately the guy who coded our CSS for the backstage uses <label> in all sorts of weird ways so it'd take quite a bit of effort to unravel all of that. I'll see if we can do it though.

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