Update cart button not working...
  • on this sitecallet.vaesite.com I am trying to get the "update cart" button to work on my checkout page (it works fine on the cart page), but for some reason it wont.. this is what my code looks like

    < v:store:cart:items>

    < v:checkbox path="remove" />
    < v:img path="images/image" image_size="thumbnail" />
    < v:text path="title" /> Callet
    < v:text path="color/title" />
    < v:text_field path="qty" size="1" />
    $< v:text path="price" number_format="2" />
    $< v:text path="total" number_format="2" />

    < input type="submit" value="Update Cart" id="button2" />
    </ v:store:cart:items>

    Any ideas?

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  • Vote Up0Vote Down KevinKevin September 2011

    Answered via email, but for everyone else --

    He wants:

    <v:checkbox path="remove" />
    <v:img path="images/image" image_size="thumbnail" />
    <v:text path="title" /> Callet
    <v:text path="color/title" />
    <v:text_field path="qty" size="1" />
    $<v:text path="price" number_format="2" />
    $<v:text path="total" number_format="2" />
    <input type="submit" value="Update Cart" id="button2" />


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