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  • Still new to Vae and trying to get a handle on best-practices. Since the system offers the ability to create page templates, is there also a way to let end users turn those templates into a site navigation rather than hard-coding the navigation in the back-end?

    Haven't seen any discussion about this or found anything in the documentation (admittedly, I haven't read every page yet).

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  • This comes down to a matter of philosophy. We tend to take the position that your customers shouldn't be managing their site navigation. That's the job of a web designer. Our system was really designed from the opinion (my opinion) that if someone is going to hire a web designer, they should let them do their job. We go out of our way to make the interface for your customers very simple and to prevent them from having even the ability to do anything that breaks their site.

    With all that said, of course you can do this with Vae! :) You could just create a Collection and call it Site Navigation. Depending on exactly what you're looking to do, you could structure it different ways.

  • From a design perspective, I lean towards Kevin's philosophy as well. Pages like Contact Us, About Us, etc. are not pages that I want a client to be able to duplicate or delete from the navigation, because they are typically unique static pages. Therefore I don't usually make the entire navigation menu editable in the backend of Vae. In other words, the main navigation is usually hard-coded on my sites.

    Now on the other hand, if you have dynamic content pages that you want to show in a navigation menu, or in a sidebar, etc., then using a Vae Collection combined with Vae Permalinks is the way to go.

    For example, say you have a category of cities/towns for a real estate site. If you want to show a sidebar with links to all of the cities/towns, then create a collection to store those city/town names and add an HTML permalink page called locations.html, or something similar.

  • I do agree with both of you on the design side of things. We tend to 'control' main navigation as well for our clients. There are occasions where opening up control of navigation to a client is useful - more along the lines of sub-navigation. I see how creating a Collection would do the trick.

    Thanks for the insight!

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