Importing changes to an entry with a child colleciton.
  • I'm attempting to update a large collection, which has an image gallery child collection. Specifically, I'm trying to update a textfield in the child collection. Here is the xml schema which vae exports, and I'm trying to follow.

    <inventory_number match="true">AB/988_CLONG01</inventory_number>
    <image_gallery permalink="" id="618672">
    <image_gallery permalink="" id="618673">

    Please note that I've additionally attempted to set image_gallery and image as match columns, and different combinations of the above, to no avail. The ultimate goal is to update the caption fields. I could actually easily repair the captions problem in a text editor with find and replace, but everytime I attempt to export the collection from Vae I get the white screen timeout again :(

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  • Update: I have also tried to import updates to the image_gallery collections outside of their parent object, and that hasn't worked either.

  • Can you do a full export via the DNS trick I showed you earlier?

  • Nope, I still get a white screen and no file

  • ok, going back to your original import ... do you have that wrapped in a block that starts with <website><content> like this:

    ... etc.

    That would be necessary. But the rest looks right.

  • Yes, we do have that. I can send you the entire file if you like

  • Yea, send it!

  • For those interested, the solution provided by Kevin was:

    <caption match="true">old caption</caption>
    <caption >new caption</caption>

    The trick was to match the old field and then replace it with a new one right below it in the import file.

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