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  • I'm putting together my first E-commerce checkout workflow, and am a little confused about the actual 'Checkout' page. The sample code for this page listed here (http://docs.vaeplatform.com/ecommerce.review_order) seems to assume that the user is registered. The site I'm working on is pretty small and very unlikely to have repeat customers, so I'm not looking to force the user to go through a signup workflow. What I'm looking to do is just have a form on the checkout page where users can fill in their billing and shipping address. Does anyone know how to do this?

    Also, for some reason, just including the '' tag from the sample code causes the browser to redirect back to the site's homepage.

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    You don't have to use the User Registration features to build your eCommerce site. For a simple eCommerce site, your page flow might look like this:

    Item Page > Shopping Cart Page > Shipping/Billing Address Page > Payment Page > Thank You Page

    Each of these pages gets it's own file (e.g. item.html, cart.html, address.html, payment.html, thanks.html). Then you can use the Vae eCommerce tags (http://docs.vaeplatform.com/vaeml_store_tags) to hook up your pages to the Vae back-end.

    At a minimum, I use the following eCommerce tags for the above mentioned pages:
    item.html - http://docs.vaeplaform.com/v_store_add_to_cart
    cart.html - http://docs.vaeplatform.com/v_store_cart
    address.html - http://docs.vaeplatform.com/v_store_register
    payment.html - http://docs.vaeplatform.com/v_store_checkout

    The v_store_register tag only "registers" the user for the current session with the Vae eCommerce system (i.e. Vae needs to know the user's info to process an order). While the customer info is saved in the back-end for the site owner, it does not save or create a user account for the person to log back in later.

    Does that help?

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