SVN with Wordpress
  • Is there any way to make this possible on Vae? Can we svn ignore the wp folder?

    There are tons of other cases where a site need access to the filesystem for one reason or another, and source control is essential. Seems like a standard hosting feature. Is this a limitation or am I missing something?

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  • I don't really follow? You can use any SVN or GIT setup you want on Vae, we use Beanstalk usually.

    The only annoying thing about not using the built in SVN is having to include your username every time you start the local preview server.

  • The problem is that when you do 'vae stage' it REPLACES the entire contents of the FTP with an export of the Subversion repository.

    Are you saying that your 3rd party Beanstalk integration allows you to ignore certain folders? Or does it just leave up anything that's on the FTP but isn't in the repo?

  • Why don't you just add the Wordpress files to the repository?

  • The concern is the user-uploaded content like images, etc, which gets added into the FTP by Wordpress itself.

  • Yes, Kevin is correct. Basically, we just need to be able to ignore. Does Beanstalk support this?

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