Filtering a collection by it's unique year in a date structure
  • I would like to filter a collection by it's unique year in a date field. I am using vae():

    <? $entries = vae('diary',array('unique'=>date('Y',entry_date)); ?>

    This results in an error though. I basically need an array of the years so that I can do some foreach looping.

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  • Vae can't perform that uniqueness check as part of the database engine, so you'll need to do it in PHP.

    Something like:
    foreach (vae('diary') as $entry) {
    $year = date('Y', $entry->entry_date);
    if ($year != $prev_year) {
    // do something
    $prev_year = $year;

    Would that work? Also, if you're making archive links, be sure to check out <v:date_selection> as a possible resource as well.

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