Typekit inactive on vae staging site
  • Hi,

    I've been using typekit locally without any problems but when I go to push to the vae staging site, typekit goes into it's "inactive" state.
    It seems to be working perfectly fine on the old verb staging site. take a look;


    Any ideas on why this might be taking place?


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  • I think typekit may have a restriction on what domains it can be used from. You probably need to log in to your Typekit account and add that new domain, right?

  • Yeah, make sure you have all the possible domains and subdomains listed as available in your Typekit account.

    e.g. lola.vaesite.com, lola.verbsite.com, localhost

  • Yeah I have every combination I can think o,f but no dice.

    lola.vaesite.com, *.vaesite.com, lolanewyork.com, localhost:9999, lola.verbsite.com...

    Is there anything im leaving out here? Do I need SSL serving to use typekit on a vae site?

  • I have this in my typekit settings and it works.

    localhost, arron-macbookpro.local, ec.vaesite.com

    I think I remember it taking typekit a while for the change to propagate through their CDN. You may need to clear your cache so you get a new copy of the javascript they have you embed.

  • Hey Gordon,

    Did this get resolved or is it still an issue?


  • Hey guys,

    It seems to be working fine now. I think it might have been a propagation issue on typekit's end.

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