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  • This is a duplicate of another feature request, but we again have a client who would like to filter a content-view in a large collection. For example, when managing shop items, they would like to view shop items in a particular category (or by a particular artist) only. We're probably gong to have to build a custom admin to support this, but it would be nice if it were integrated into the main Content Tab.

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  • If these are associations, then you can use the "reverse association" feature to let them browse this way. Give the association a reverse name on the site tab, then they can click on Artists then Items in the row for the artist the want to see.

  • There are a few things I can think of that might help with this issue:

    1) Sorting
    I'm pretty sure you already know about this one, but you can sort any collection in Vae by clicking on the title of the column.

    2) Reverse Associations
    Sorry, this one is a bit lengthy to explain... Say you have a collection for "Artwork" and it has an association to a collection called "Categories". When you create the association structure for Categories under Artwork, you can enter a Reverse Association Name. Then when you navigate to the Categories collection in the backend, you will see a clickable link to only the Artwork entries that are associated with that Category.

    3) Embedded Collections
    If applicable, you could create a collection structure where your Artwork collection is a sub-collection under the Artist collection.

  • These suggestions make sense, but I don't really like the idea of modifying the data model to conform to the CMS UI - I would think it should be the the other way around.

  • I'm not 100% sure you understood my response, as I think it would accomplish what you need without requiring any change other than entering a word in where it says "Reverse Association Name" on the Site tab.

    What collection is this -- I'll do it for you and show you.

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