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  • In the process of migrating a very large site to Vae, I'm having some trouble with rich content. The other database has several tables with a column of HTML content, which usually contains embedded Flash objects. I've been trying to import via XML, but I keep getting only snippets of the HTML that I'm expecting. I've tried escaping the double quotes, and wrapping the content in CDATA tags, but to no avail.

    What is the proper format for importing HTML via XML into Vae?

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  • For that last answer, I mean in lieu of the CDATA tag.

  • CDATA tags should work. Is there a common thread of what you're losing in the import?

  • We're losing the embed and object tags, and it's keeping the closing CDATA tags in the text (]]>)

  • Is it possible that the embed/object tags have code in them that looks like the end of the CDATA element? (]]>)?

    Try replacing all <'s with < and >'s with > and see if that does it?

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