Possible to automatically discount items based on cart contents?
  • I'm setting up a store that sells multiple categories of products. (Let's say shirts and hats, for example.) I'd like to have it so customers get a discount if they buy more than one of a certain category, for instance 10% off hats if they buy two, or 20% off if they buy 3. Can Vae detect the number of hats in the shopping cart and then apply this discount before checkout, preferably without the customer having to enter a coupon code?

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  • Unfortunately, we don't currently support this, but we would consider adding it for you. When would you need this by?

  • That would be amazing! The site isn't scheduled to go live for 2-3 more weeks so it's not super urgent, but I would love to have it available before then for testing. How long would something like this take to develop?

  • Hey,

    Somehow I didn't see this reply come through. Send us an email to [email protected] with the name of the site and we'll take a look!


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