VaeQL Introduction

VaeQL expressions are similar to the paths that you use when working with a computer file system. You can move up and down your hierarchy of data by using / to move down and ../ to move up. Let's start with some examples.

Every Vae structure that you create has a VaeQL name. By default this is the name of the structure with all non-alphanumeric characters removed and spaces replaced with underscores. So the default VaeQL name for a section called Homepage Gallery would be homepage_gallery. And the default VaeQL name for a root-level collection called Projects would simply be projects.

For example, this chunk of VaeML would display the names of all the projects:

<v:collection path="projects">
 <v:text path="name" />

In the above code sample, projects and name are paths expressed with VaeQL. These paths very simple, but VaeQL allows incredible flexibility. Read on.