Building Vae Extensions with PHP

The Vae PHP Integration API also provides some functions that enable you to build extensions to the VaeML parser. You can actually create your own VaeML tags, VaeQL functions, and callback hooks that run when different events happen.

This is done by calling by registering a PHP function with Vae that will get called at the appropriate time (when a tag is ready to be rendered, the VaeQL function needs to be run, or a specific event happened).

To register code to execute when an event happens, use vae_register_hook(). To define a new VaeML tag, use vae_register_tag().

We used to support another function called vae_register_func() to register a function that could be used in VaeQL, but it is no longer necessary. All PHP functions are now made available to VaeQL automatically.

We list a few other functions here that are useful when building Vae extensions: vae_flash(), which displays a message on the next page, and vae_render_tags(), which renders the tags inside your VaeML tag.

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