Checking Out / Review Order

The final step in the ordering process for a customer is reviewing and ordering what's in their basket. The <v:store:checkout> tag provides a form for your users to complete their purchase. Here is an example of a Checkout screen markup:

  <li><v:img path="image" /></li>
  <li><v:text path="name" /></li>
  <li><v:text_field path="qty"/></li>
  <li>$<v:text path="price" /></li>
  <li>$<v:text path="total" /></li>
  Payment Method:
  <v:store:payment_methods_select />
  Shipping Method:<v:store:shipping_methods_select />
  Coupon Code:<v:store:discount><v:text_field name="discount" /><input type="submit" value="Apply Coupon Code" />
  Subtotal:$<v:store:cart:subtotal />
  <v:store:if_discount>Discount: $<v:store:cart:discount /></v:store:if_discount>
  Shipping: $<v:store:cart:shipping />
  Tax: $<v:store:cart:tax />
  Total: $<v:store:cart:total />
  <h3>Billing Information<span class="edit">(<a href="/register">edit</a>)</h3>
   Name:<v:text path="billing_name" />
   Company:<v:text path="billing_company" />
   Address:<v:text path="billing_address" />
   Address 2:<v:text path="billing_address_2" />
   City:<v:text path="billing_city" />
   State:<v:text path="billing_state" />
   Country:<v:text path="billing_country" />
   Zip/Postal Code:<v:text path="billing_zip" />
   Phone Number:<v:text path="billing_phone" />
   E-Mail Address:<v:text path="e_mail_address" />
 <li><h3>Shipping Information(<a href="/register">edit</a>)</h3>
  Name:<v:text path="shipping_name" />
  Company:<v:text path="shipping_company" />
  Address:<v:text path="shipping_address" />
  Address 2:<v:text path="shipping_address_2" />
  City:<v:text path="shipping_city" />
  State:<v:text path="shipping_state" />
  Country:<v:text path="shipping_country" />
  Zip/Postal Code:<v:text path="shipping_zip" />
  Phone Number:<v:text path="shipping_phone" />
 <v:store:checkout register_page="register.html" redirect="order_placed.html" email_confirmation="/emails/confirmation" email_received="/emails/received" email_shipping="/emails/shipping">
  <h3>Enter Your Credit Card Information</h3>
   Credit Card Type:</label><v:store:credit_card_select name="cc_type" required="true" /><label>Credit Card Number: <v:text_field name="cc_number" />
   Expiration Date (MM / YYYY): <v:text_field name="cc_month" /> / <v:text_field name="cc_year" /> 
   CVV2: <v:text_field name="cc_cvv" />
 <input type="submit" value="Submit Order" />

Accepting Coupon Codes

As we have done in our example, you can use the <v:store:discount> tag to give users the ability to enter in "coupon codes," which you manage in Vae's Backstage (and we discuss later in this chapter). Once a value is inputted into You can then display the amount of money discounted using the <v:store:if_discount and <v:store:cart:discount /> tags. We have utillized these tags in the example as well.


<v:text_field name="discount" /> must be included within the <v:store:discount> tags in order for the discount code to be submitted to Vae.

Changing Payment / Shipping Method

Use the <v:store:payment_methods_select /> tag render a menu which will display all the payment methods that your site has been configured to accept. Similarly, the <v:store:shipping_methods_select tag will render a menu for selecting the appropriate shipping method.