Adding Content

To add a new entry to the current collection, click the Create New link at the top right corner of the List View:

A Create New form will be displayed with an edit field for each structure in the collection:

Click the Add button to complete the process of adding the entry. All validations on the collection will be run and if there are no errors, the entry will be added. If there are validation errors, you will be prompted to correct the errors.

Adding new content under an existing entry in a Nested Collection

Nested Collections support adding entries as a child of another entry in the same collection. To add an entry as a child, click the Add (+) icon to the right of that entry on the List View. This will bring up the Create New form with a header that says that you are adding a new entry as a child entry.

Cropping Images

If your structure contains Image structures that have cropping requirements defined, you will be prompted to crop the images you uploaded. For each image you uploaded, you will see a box labelled Scale and Crop Image. Simply drag and use the resize handles on the crop frame to select the area of your image you would like to highlight. Then click the Use These Dimensions button to save your cropping selection.