About Vae

Vae has changed my entire business as a web designer. Before Vae, I would build a site for a client and be stuck doing updates into eternity. Now I'm able to pass the completed site to the client and move onto the next.

-- Greg Passuntino, the first Vae Designer Partner Program member

If you're reading this guide, you're probably a web designer or developer. You know how important it is for every business to have a website. Every business without a website is losing business to businesses with websites. Even in a recession, the web design industry is thriving. There is a massive demand for good web designers, because not only does every business need a website, every business needs the best website.

For a website to be the best, it needs to contain relevant and current information. The website for a concert hall better have a full list of upcoming shows, complete with their set times, prices, and other information. It should also have photo galleries from previous shows, the restaurant menu, reviews, press, and more. Visitors to the concert hall website expect this information, and if it isn't there, they'll be going to a different concert hall.

We call all of this information content. By definition, content is constantly changing. Every day, new photos are taken, and new shows are added to the lineup. The menu is tweaked, and new reviews are collected. Web designers should provide their clients the ability to add and update the content on their websites, and this is exactly what Vae does.

If you're a web designer and you're currently delivering websites with static content hardcoded into HTML, you are doing your clients a disservice, creating more work for yourself down the road, and reducing your value by selling an inferior product. Fortunately, you're here now, and we're going to have you delivering fresh, dynamic websites in no time.

And if you're currently using a bulky CMS product, we hope that you'll see Vae as a breath of fresh air.

Come follow along with us as we show you why Vae is the best way to build websites for your clients.

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